Rinzai-Zen in Poland: The Buddhist Mountain- Zen-Hall Eiwa-Zendō

Buddhist Mountain Zen-Hall Eiwa-ZendōBuddhist Mountain Zen-Hall Eiwa-ZendōThe »Community Without Gates« – Mumon-Kai Poland was founded by Sōtetsu Yūzen in June 1983. It consists of two Zen centres:

  • The Eiwa-Zendō, the Zen-Hall of Eternal Peace, is the main Zendō in Poland. It is located near Sklarska Poreba, a town in the hills of south-western Poland surrounded by nature.
  • In the vicinity of the Eiwa-Zendō, »The Guardian of the Silence of the Mountains « is situated.

The ZendōThe ZendōAt Eiwa-Zendō, Zazen is practiced every day. The regular programme also includes weekend Zazen practices guided by Jikijitsus from Germany and Poland, as well as one-week Sesshin, guided by the community's master, Sōtetsu Yūzen.

At Eiwa-Zendō, other Buddhist paths (Dō) are also being practiced. Here, the Sui-Boku-Dō group regularly attends to the art of brush-painting.

View from the Zendō of the Sudeten mountainsView from the Zendō of the Sudeten mountainsIn the grounds of the Zen-Centre, on a hillside with a view of the Sudeten Mountains, there is the wooden Yaza shelter, where Zazen can be practiced outdoors, surrounded by nature.

»The Guardian of the Silence of the Mountains« is the home and guest house of the community. It also provides rooms for practicing Buddhist ways like Sa-Dō (the Way of Tea). Here, a comfortable sauna area with fireplace can also be found.

The Bodhi-Tree HermitageThe Bodhi-Tree HermitageThe Bodhi-Tree-Hermitage, BODAI-JU-AN, built in 2008, located on a mountain slope at the edge of the forest next to a mighty 200-year-old Bodhi-Tree, is used as a pavilion for tea and conversation. During the Kanabō-Sesshin in the summer of 2009, our master Sōtetsu Yūzen resumed the ancient Asian tradition of the tea conversation.

In the Chinese Zen tradition, tea conversations were a custom at the beginning of the T'ang dynasty (618-906), that is, for 1,400 years. In the Bodhi-Tree-Hermitage, however, there is no traditional tea ceremony performed. Instead, master and student come together for an informal, unaffected and brief conversation. On this occasion, questions can be asked, issues raised, information exchanged; it is also possible to dwell in silence while drinking green tea. For each of us, a visit to the BODAI-JU-AN - to converse or remain silent while drinking tea with our master - always means a joyful and refreshing heart-to-heart encounter (Jap.: ishin-denshin), especially during the strict and rigorous practice at a Sesshin.

The Nehan-HouseThe Nehan-HouseSōtetsu Yūzen RōshiSōtetsu Yūzen RōshiIn 2003 the Nehan-House, a columbarium with a capacity for 88 urns, was built in the extensive grounds of the mountain-zen-hall  Eiwa-Zendō, situated in the woods. With the official recognition of the Polish government, Europe's first Buddhist cemetery was established here. Tōkaku Chizō Sensei, Rinzai-Zen teacher and head of Eiwa-Zendō, ensures that every day a Buddhist monk will recite in front of the columbarium.

The »First Rinzai-Zen Community of Berlin«, has recently decided to make available urn recesses for all interested Buddhists, regardless of their tradition.

There is a saying in Zen: To perceive is to experience.

At the Nehan-HouseAt the Nehan-HouseTherefore, everybody interested in our Zen centre, in meeting its residents and in exploring the surrounding pristine mountain nature, is invited to experience it for themselves.

To make preparations for your visit, an application has to be made at least two weeks in advance. The Japanese name of Mumon-Kai means »Community Without Gates«, i.e. a visit can usually be arranged with only a minimum of formalities. Nevertheless, an application to visit has to be made well in advance, so that our guests can be welcomed by the residents with joy and with ease.

Sesshin participantsThe Zen centre is led by the Buddhist monk and Zen teacher Tōkaku Chizō Sensei, who is assisted by lay student Nenge and Zen practitioner Krzysztof.

Here, at the Eiwa-Zendō and the Guardian of the Silence of the Mountains, a group of Zen practitioners endeavour to live and practice together on the basis of the teachings of Shākyamuni Buddha. For members of the Polish community, there is the opportunity to participate in the Dharma Circle for a Buddhist Life, taking place once a month. During these meetings, the central themes of the Buddha's teachings are taught and corresponding examples for the realisation of these teachings in everyday life are revealed and discussed.

Also once a month, a Zen workshop takes place at the Eiwa-Zendō Zen centre. Over the course of a day the practice of Rinzai-Zen, including Zazen, recitation, a lecture on Buddhist core teachings and Samu (practical work on the monastery's grounds) is taught.

The Mountain Zen-Hall Eiwa-ZendōThe Mountain Zen-Hall Eiwa-ZendōZazen schedule in the Mountain Eiwa-Zendō:

Monday to Friday: 7.30 – 8:00 am
Monday: 7 – 9.00 pm
Thursday: 7 – 9:00 pm
Every 1st and 3rd Sunday in month: 8 – 10 am.

Beginners and people interested in Zazen are kindly asked to make an appointment by telephone in order to receive an introduction.


Ul. Podsudecka 3
PL 58-580 Szklarska PorebaPL
Tel. (0048) 513 365 314
Fax: (0048) 75 717 2364

E-Mail: mumon-kai@o2.pl

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